The ONE thing you need to start a business

Starting a business isn’t easy, I get it. But what if I told you it is?

I’ll make this post really short because the moral of the story is as simple as it gets. Let me start with this: Here is what I thought I needed to start my business in no particular order.

  • Some sort of certification
  • Money
  • An office
  • Experience
  • fancy work outfits
  • A portfolio the size of a dictionary
  • a business plan
  • a website
  • fancy equipment (laptop, iPad, etc.)
  • at least 1 year of experience
  • new folders for paperwork
  • a pen specifically for business stuff (yes, I am ridiculous)
  • a separate phone number & phone
  • etc.

I could continue this list, but I think you get it. I thought I needed to buy/get all of this before I could start because otherwise not a single person on this planet would take me seriously.
Now here’s a list of things I thought I needed to know before I could start.

  • What I will charge for my products & services
  • Taxes????
  • Business Law
  • Accounting
  • Product Management
  • What distribution channels will I use
  • How to WordPress
  • E-Commerce
  • etc.

I could go on and on here as well, but again, you get the point. I thought I needed to have and know all this stuff before I could start.
But: If I would’ve waited until I had all of that, I wouldn’t sit here and write this blog post. Instead, I would sit in some library studying for 7 bachelor programs at once. Because that’s what you should do if you want to cross those things of your list first. But you simply can’t do that.

You can’t know everything and you can’t have everything beforehand. And you don’t have to!

You are paralysing yourself if you think you do. I did too. I was standing in my own way thinking everything has to be ready and perfect before I could start my business. The only thing you actually need is this:


I promise you that’s the only thing you need. Don’t worry about not knowing how to do fulfilment or accounting. Start. You’ll figure it out. And if you don’t, there is always people out there who can help.
Using “I don’t know how to do fulfilment yet.” as an excuse is easy. Starting however is not. There is something you’re really good at. Focus on that. The rest will come! I started my agency without any leverage but people were still excited to work with me after we met and they saw how much I actually love what I do. That’s all that matters. A fancy business outfit or an office won’t impress your potential client to the point where they’re willing to work with you. You, yourself and your skills, will do that. But if you keep standing in your own way worrying about the wrong things instead of starting to do what you’re good at you won’t even get the chance to show anyone. Take my advice & start! ❤

What is one thing you thought you needed but ended up never getting after all?

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