I tried riding an enduro bike for the first time


For those of you who haven’t read my recent post on my bucket list yet, trying and learning enduro riding is something I really wanted to do in 2022. Turns out, it was the first thing I was able to cross of my bucket list. Here’s what happened:

How I got into riding motorcycles

Before I tell you all about my enduro experience, I will just quickly give you some heads up about my relationships with motorcycles.
My family has been riding motorcycles for 9 years now I think. They did enduro races, flattrack, motorcross and up until recently my little sister has even been riding on race tracks professionally. (I am so proud of her!!!) However, even though my sister is 4 years younger than me, I haven’t sat on a motorcycle until 2020, when I met my partner in crime and he let me try riding his enduro bike.

So to be fair, this time it wasn’t really the first time ever I rode an enduro bike. But after he let me ride his bike I immediately knew I wanted to start riding too. Which I did! 😎 And at the beginning of April 2021 I finally got my license followed by 7000km on my very own bike throughout summer 2021. I’ll get into more details in another post, because what I experienced on my bike during my first season as a rider one 100% deserves a very own post.

When I tried his Enduro bike, I had no experience with bikes at all. So what I called “riding a bike” was actually just going a few hundred meters and then, frightened by how much power his bike had (KTM EXC 300) I jumped off again and handed it back to him.

At January second however, I had a history of one season on a naked bike. Which is by far more experience with bikes in general than nothing. So I kinda knew my way around bikes. At least I thought so.


Riding an enduro bike

I was talking to my family over christmas dinner about how I wanted to learn to ride enduro bikes this years with the end goal in mind to go on bike tours this or next summer. Depending on if I break some bones in the process of learning how to do that or not. Lucky me, my family was super supportive and even eager for me to learn it. No wonder, since they’ve been wanting me to join them for almost a decade. They even had great beginner bikes and gear in the garage waiting for a new owner. January first, my mum texted me if I wanted to come over the next day to try out the bike that’s been sitting in the garage for quite some time now. Of course I said yes. The weather was amazing that day. A clear sky and very mild temperatures. From Vienna we drove to my parents place and even met my grandparents there.

Here’s a picture of my grandma and me after I put on the riding gear. It’s so funny because I look like I totally know what I am doing which couldn’t be further from the truth.

At this point: shout out to the best grandparents anyone could ever wish for. I love you!

Wearing super cool gear and walking around like a robot in titan armour is one thing, but getting on the bike and actually riding it is another. Here’s how that went:

I am so glad WordPress won’t display the videos I planned to show you because even though those pictures don’t look too bad, I drove like a grandma. Seriously. So slow.
To everyone thinking: “I roDe StReeT BiKeS beFoRE I cAn rIDe EnduRO ToO hOw hArD CAn iT Be?” You have absolutely no idea of how wrong you are. If street bikes are walking, enduro bikes are walking on a string. Basically the same but harder.

First of all though, it was so much fun and I loved it. It is also physically challenging, even if I drove like 30km/h maximum on a field without any bumps or holes I was pretty exhausted afterwards. Because you don’t have the luxury of even streets anymore you have to work so much more in unison with the bike. Otherwise you just fall off. Like, guaranteed. It’s so much more balance work than on a street bike, you have no idea.

Would I recommend you to try enduro riding?

I gave this some thought. I love riding, so usually I’d be the first to tell you to go and give it a try. However, since enduro riding is pretty hard and it will definitely take you some time to learn it properly (and I am not talking weeks, I am talking months if not even years) I’d not recommend you to try it just for the sake of trying it. Because if you just try it once, especially if you have no prior experience with bikes, you just cannot expect much of it.

If you truly seek something to put your head and heart into, if you seek a new hobby or something you even consider doing professionally, definitely try it. Just like riding on the streets your head is free from everything. It’s just you and the bike. In my personal experience, that’s even more the case with enduro because you have so much more balance work to do. So if that sounds like something you’d enjoy: go for it.

What did enduro riding teach me?


When it comes to learning something new I am the most impatient person ever. I have to be a pro at everything within the first minutes of trying it. As you can imagine, enduro is not something you can learn in that timeframe. So trying this has reminded me of the fact that I truly cannot be a pro at everything within 3 minutes. Which is something I should be reminded of more often, actually. You cannot reach a good level of skills through shortcuts. Buying skill? Also not an option. You have to put in the time and honest effort to get there. Without that, you just won’t get good at something.

At this point I want to thank you so so much for reading this post. It truly means so much to me. I’d love to hear what you hobby is! Let me know so I can add it to my bucket list and try it out!

Until next time! 🥳

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