I am quitting Social Media.

Some of you probably didn’t notice but 10 days ago I deleted all Social Media Apps from my phone. Except YouTube because I use this for research purposes and education.

I did that because I was watching a video of Alex Becker (check this guy out if you don’t know him because this dude is so woke.)

So I basically watched this video and after something he said I was just like: “Okay fuck this.” And I deleted everything. I educated myself on dopamine etc. and spent 10 days without Social Media. I’ll share why I did this detox and what I learned in another post. This blog post is meant for something else which I’ll get to now.

I am quitting Social Media

I am just here to basically tell you how much Social Media sucks. Now, I can already feel those of you who know me just a little go: “Vanessa, YoU RUn a SoCiAl MeDiA MaRkETinG AgenCY. HoW CaN yOu SaY THis?” Let me explain in like 3 sentences.

Looking at Social Media from a business or creator perspective, Social Media is the best thing you could possibly do to grow. In my humble and honest opinion. Looking at Social Media from a consumer perspective, it’s toxic, draining, time consuming and just overall unhealthy. We all know this but we don’t act on it. And if you don’t know this you’re intoxicated to a point where you’re romanticising the idea of something literally destroying your life. It’s like we know smoking causes cancer and we keep saying “yeah but it brings people together and it’s a coping mechanism for stress” like what the? Are you even listening to yourself? The only difference to Social Media is it’s not causing cancer. Honestly.

I am by the way not apologising for my harsh words because I’d just be embellishing the truth.

So what’s the difference between using Social Media as a creator or business versus using it as a consumer?

As a business, Social Media is a great way to display your products or services, get your message into the world, create trust and customer relationships.

As a creator, Social Media is a great way to display your work, tell your story and share your thoughts and experiences.

As a consumer, Social Media is a great way to ruin your life, waste your time, destroy your sense of reality and break apart relationships.

Why is that, you ask?

Everything Social Media does for you as a consumer is present you with comparison, greed and unnecessary obsessions like looking at dog reels, memes or other peoples stuff. It fuels ego, hate and insecurities. Does that sound like something that’s healthy to do for 3 hours or more each day? I don’t fucking think so. I could go on for a hundred more pages on why Social Media isn’t good for you but most of you (hopefully) already know this.

Why am I telling you this?

Because life is just too short to waste your time on Social Media and I truly hope that I can inspire just one person, maybe you, to reduce your daily screentime or even quit using Instagram. If I could do that for you, please e-Mail me at vanessable@gmail.com and tell me your story.

Why would I care?

I do.

Will I keep running the Social Media Marketing agency?

Yes. I’ll probably make a separate post for this topic because this confuses people a lot. Which I totally get.

Why do I still have my account?

Because, like I said, I truly want to inspire, encourage and empower others. Not just in that aspect of life. There are many more things, thoughts and experiences I’d like to share with you to hopefully inspire change to the positive. Basically make this world a better place but that sounds so cheesy but it is what it is.

I will use my Social Media account and this blog for those things.

If you find out this way, sorry (but also not sorry because what does it even matter?) but I unfollowed everyone on Instagram because from now on I’ll be using those platforms for business and creation purposes only. I don’t give a shit if you had octopus on a cruise ship or if you bought a new car. I see things that aren’t worth even the tiniest fraction of my time. Can’t have that anymore. If you know me well enough and you think those are things worth sharing with me then call me. Seriously!

And with that, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. It honestly means a lot to me. If you have an opinion on this feel free to share it. I’d love to hear it.

I can’t wait to share more stuff with you. See you soon!

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